If one summer night, a stranger….

If one summer night, a stranger….

  • Directed by Olivier Bertrand
  • 2007
  • Documentary filmmaking workshop
  • Solidarity & Initiatives, Migrations
  • Shooting place : France (Île-de-France)
  • Duration : 46 min
  • Audio : French
  • Subtitles : English


In 1997, some inhabitants of the Ile-de-France region hid a Moroccan illegal immigrant for several months when he turned up in their village. An underground network was created. People hid him in their attic. Most of them were elderly people, hardly activists. Ten years later, Miloud has disappeared. We went back to Janvry and tried to understand what made these people open their door to him.

  • Direction : Olivier Bertrand
  • Image : Olivier Bertrand
  • Sound : tous les stagiaires
  • Edition : Sylvie Renaud

Rewards, festivals and diffusions

Drôle d'Endroit pour des Rencontres

  • Place : Bron (France)
  • Date : 2012

Images mouvementées

  • Place : Paris (France)
  • Date : 2011

L’Autre Salon

  • Place : Grigny (France)
  • Date : 2011

Jean Rouch International Festival

  • Place : Paris (France)
  • Date : 2009

Mediterranean Film Festival

  • Place : Tetouan (Morocco)
  • Date : 2009

Etats Généraux du Film Documentaire

  • Place : Lussas (France)
  • Date : 2008

Rencontres Henri Langlois

  • Place : Poitiers (France)
  • Date : 2008

Corrida audiovisuelle de l'ESAV cinema school

  • Place : Toulouse (France)
  • Date : 2007

About : Documentary filmmaking workshop

This workshop is for those who wish to learn, professionalise their film production skills, or who are on the lookout for a career change. Through this workshop, we will learn what the act of filming means intellectually, morally and aesthetically, through all stages of documentary production, from design to editing. Each student will make a documentary short film.

  • Graduating workshop «Author(s) Director(s) of documentary film registered with the RNCP»
  • RNCP registration

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