Workshops in Serbia

Workshops in Serbia

The workshop

In the 2000s, workshops are organized in Belgrade, for the filmmakers from the region. The workshop re-starts in 2021 with the alumni as the new trainers.

The programme

In 2004, the Embassy and the French Cultural Centre created a workshop training course. The trainees-filmmakers made 11 films which reflected their search for values. They created the Varan Belgrade Association and obtained financial support from the European Agency for Reconstruction to film the changes in post-war society.

In 2005, 8 films were made on that theme during an advanced programme.

In 2007, the workshop invited 12 future filmmakers from all the ex-Yugoslavian Republics, to make films on the subject of: “The Neighbours”.

In 2021, a new workshop is organized : the filmmakers who participated in the 2004-2005-2007 workshops are now confirmed professionals who wish to pass their experience on. They become the trainers of a new generation of young filmmakers. 10 participants from Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia learned how to direct a documentary film for 7 weeks between the 22/11/2021 and the 29/01/2022. The workshop is organized thanks to the support of our partners : the Film Center Serbia, the French Institute of Serbia, the french CNC, the city of Paris, the French Institute, the label Paris Europe, the Film Center Montenegro et the Film Center Banja Luka, Cinnerent production.

In 2022, the wish to train a new generation continues : a workshop is organized in the summer 2022 in Novi Sad, one of the European capitale of culture.


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