AprèsVaran Festival: Call for films 2023

AprèsVaran has just completed a 7-year festival cycle and is preparing to open a new period of study and programming of films made by Varan "alumni", all of whom are called upon to unite and debate the long-term support they can collectively provide to documentary, beyond production modes. For it is AprèsVaran's strength to be able to exist in the long term through the renewal of its members, and to reach a collective understanding that is free from the competition of particular interests, and yet profitable!

Notice to directors

After Covid and its consequences, including a year 2022 without programming, a new period is opening up. It begins in December this year with the 8th edition of the AprèsVaran International Documentary Film Festival. It will take place in a hybrid format: in theatres and on video.

We'll be consolidating the international links we've forged over the last few years.

This 8th edition will feature films from the last two editions that were appreciated by you, the public and the organizing committee. But also new films that you have prepared despite the post-Covid cinematic context.

The 6th and 7th editions of the festival were held by videoconference during Covid's 2020 and 2021 periods. This enabled us to maintain our international ties of solidarity, despite the difficulty of organizing from a distance. Recordings of the debates, as well as interviews designed to showcase the directors and producers, can all be viewed online on the Apresvaran festival website:

If you're interested in the 8th edition, please send your entries to!

We'd be delighted to receive your films before the end of August.

We will take into consideration films sent in 2022.

Deadline: August 31, 2023

In solidarity,

ApresVaran 2023 Festival Coordination

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