End of school

End of school

  • Directed by Aleksandar Stojanov
  • Serbia-Montenegro, 2005
  • Workshops in the Balkan region - Belgrade
  • Arts, Youth
  • Shooting place : Bor
  • Duration : 29 min
  • Audio : Serbian
  • Subtitles : French


A great economic depression is upon the citizens of Bor, once a world-renowned metallurgic centre. A gigantic hole next to the town stands as a monument of that time. That's where we find little Aca wandering the deserted industrial landscapes. With his accordion teacher he is practicing menuet for a music competition. When it is over, he will sit on a train and for the first time in his life travel to the seaside.

  • Direction : Aleksandar Stojanov
  • Image : Aleksandar Stojanov
  • Sound : David Solomon
  • Edition : Nemanja Babic

About : Workshops in the Balkan region

In the 2000s, workshops are organized in Belgrade, for the filmmakers from the region. The workshop re-starts in 2021, and the Varan Balkan association is created in 2023 by former trainees.

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