Hello my child, hello my baby (Chao con, chao baby)

Hello my child, hello my baby (Chao con, chao baby)

  • Directed by Tham Nguyen Thi
  • Viêtnam, 2005
  • Workshops in Viêtnam - Hô Chi Minh city
  • Family, Love & Friendship
  • Shooting place : Hô-Chi-Minh-Ville
  • Duration : 29 min
  • Audio : Vietnamese
  • Subtitles : English, French


A young couple from the Ho Chi Minh City middle-class, both architects, are expecting their first child. Having only just reached adulthood, the young man is getting ready to become a father. He begins to become aware of the new responsibilities and the role he will now have to take on. But behind this figure of the new young father, the outline of a young mother is also visible in filigree.

  • Direction : Tham Nguyen Thi
  • Image : Tham Nguyen Thi
  • Sound : Pham Thi Hao, Thu Nguyen Viêt Anh & Quyen Nguyen Thuy
  • Edition : Phan Diu Hien

About : Workshops in Viêtnam

Nine workshops were set up in Viêtnam since 2004 in Hanoï, in Da Nang and in Hô Chi Minh city. In 2016, a workshop is organized by former trainees who became independant filmmakers.

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