Nightly, daily

Nightly, daily

  • Directed by Audrey Lejeune
  • France, 2019
  • Workshops in Corsica - Ajaccio, Corsica
  • Work, Rurality
  • Shooting place : Corte
  • Duration : 22 min
  • Audio : French
  • Subtitles : English, Mandarin Chinese


Every night, from 1AM until the break of dawn, Ange and Jean-Pierre visit village after village, working a job that is going extinct. Belonging to the last generation of newspaper deliverymen before the complete digitization of the local daily, they deliver to a loyal but aging clientele.

  • Direction : Audrey Lejeune
  • Sound : Audrey Lejeune & Sarah Maisonneuve
  • Edition : Jean-Pierre Bloc

Rewards, festivals and diffusions

Lama Film Festival

  • Place : Balagne, Corsica
  • Date : 2020

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