Words between us

Words between us

  • Directed by Margaux Sirven & Hanga Toth
  • 2018
  • Artists@Work workshops
  • Identities, Health
  • Shooting place : Paris
  • Duration : 15 min
  • Audio : French
  • Subtitles : English


Simone, Toshi, Michel, Raquel, John and others meet every week to participate in various workshops. Together, since several years, they seek to reactivate their language that they lost as a consequence of a brain injury.

  • Direction : Margaux Sirven & Hanga Toth
  • Edition : Marie-Noëlle Battaglia

Director' s comments

How to communicate when you don't master the language ? How to conceive the world without words ? We met a group of individuals with aphasia who, after a brain injury, have got a language impairment. Using the methods of direct cinema, we filmed them during their weekly workshops, focusing on communication. Words Between Us tells the everyday life of this group: their efforts, their successes and their relationships, on their path towards the reactivation of their language.

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