Workshops in Southern Caucasus

Workshops in Southern Caucasus

The workshop

The workshops set up in Southern Caucasus wanted to gather filmmakers from three conflict countries : Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia, so they can work together.

The programme

It seemed obvious to the observers on the spot that it would be useful to get the future filmmakers of the three countries in conflict – Armenia, Azerbaidjan and Georgia – to work together. In 2006, at the initiative of the regional audiovisual adviser from the Ministry of Overseas Relations and the cultural adviser of the French Embassy in Georgia, an inter-regional workshop course was organized in Tbilisi at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. It brought together trainees from the three countries: Armenia, Azerbaidjan and Georgia. It received the support of the International Operations of ARTE Television and the Gulbenkian Foundation. Twelve films were produced as a result.

At the close of the screening of the 12 films produced during the training programme at the Prometheus Festival, both the trainees and the donor organisations expressed the wish to see this film training programme developed and made permanent. The desire for a trans-Caucasian film collaboration was felt unanimously. At Tbilisi, the Georgian National Film Centre and the the Institute of Public Affairs provided first-class working conditions.

The beginners training course set the foundations for any future career structure, either professional or private. The 12 trainees made 12 films of about 15 mins. each, providing them with the possibility of recognition, both as a group and individually. The 12 films made by the beginners produced a multi-coloured and metaphorical fresco of the region, provoking a real interest in the broadcasters. The films were selected for, and sometimes won awards at, international film festivals. The success rate of this training programme was quite exceptional. Eleven trainees out of 12 now work in the audiovisual world and above all, friendly and professional relationships were established between these young people from three different countries. Several future filmmakers were revealed during this training programme.

Afterwards, they all said they wanted to further pursue their artistic development. An advanced level course over a longer period of time was therefore organized in 2010, with the support of the Goethe Institut in Tbilisi. Three trainees took part in it and one Azeri, one Georgian and one Armenian film were produced. All the trainees from the two different programmes still work today in different jobs in the cinema or television industries of their countries.

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