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Anne Baudry

Anne Baudry

Chief editor


French chief editor

After studying philosophy and cinema at the IDHEC, Anne Baudry become chief editor and scriptwritter.

Some determinant encounters drive her to documentary. She worked as chief editor with directors such as Jean Pierre Denis, Richard Copans, José-Maria Berzosa,Denis Gheerbrant, Renaud Victor, Abraham Segal, Yves de Peretti, Nicolas Stern, Laurence Petit-Jouvet, Marguerita Caron, Clara Elalouf, Nathalie Joyeux, Frédéric Goldbronn, Jean-Louis Comolli, David Teboul.

She also began to train at Ateliers Varan, at Fémis and in the university Lyon-2. During masters and international festivals, she speaks about editing and documentary films.

For many years, she has been an active member in the association "Les enfants de cinéma" ("Cinema's children), a group that is thinking about how passing cinema to children.

Member of the Scam, she directed a short-film called "L'Enfance de Catherine" and a feature documentary film "Dans la fragilité du monde".

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