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David Gheron Tretiakoff

David Gheron Tretiakoff



Director and visual artist

Director, editor, visual artist and performer, he lives and works in Brussels. After attending the Varan filmmaking workshop in Paris in 2002, he became a member and trainer at Ateliers Varan. He supervised workshops in Cairo, Ajaccio, Guadeloupe, Ouagadougou and Paris.

His work focuses on political and social issues such as the consequences of the Algerian war, the perception of identity in Muslim countries and the effects of international terrorism. His work falls somewhere between documentary and experimental cinema. He has lived and traveled in the Middle East for many years, and has developed an interest in Algerian, Egyptian and Yemeni cultures that goes beyond journalistic approaches to television.

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Station to station

installation vidéo, France, 2016, 15'

Jakarta Biennale, 2017

Are you looking?

documentaire expérimental, France, 2016, 5'

Jakarta Biennale, 2017


installation vidéo, France/USA, 2010, 15'

NotEnoughFestival, Portland ; Worksound Gallery, Portland

A God Passing

documentaire, France, 2008, 20'

Festival international du film, Marrakech ; Cinemed, Montpellier ; Musée MuKHA Contemporary Art, Anvers ; Kunsthalle, Bern ; Worksound gallery, Portland ; MATHAF Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha ; Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris ; IVAM, Valencia, SMAEK Egyptian Museum, Munich ; Biennale d'Art contemporain, Montreal, 2016


installation vidéo 2 écrans, France, 2005, 10'

Biennale de Jakarta, 2017

Une promesse de bonheur

co-réalisé avec Vanessa Von Obberghen, documentaire, France/Belgique, 2003


Une pure construction

documentaire, France, 2002, 10'

Art Matrix Project Gallery, Bruxelles ; Galerie Castillo & Corales, Paris



série performative pour la chorégraphe Robyn Orlin au Centre National de la Danse, Paris

Lynndie England

Regard du Cygne, Paris & Fringe Festival, New York

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