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Leonor Noivo

Leonor Noivo



Portuguese director

Leonor Noivo studied Architecture and Photography before joining Lisbon’s Film School (ESTC) in 1997, where she specialized on Editing and Directing. In 2006 she attended the Ateliers Varan Documentary Filmmaking course at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

Since 1999 she works as script-supervisor and assistant director in documentaries and fiction films. She integrated Documentary Workshops training teams in Lisbon and Azores, as well as Film-Project Workshops in the ArCo’s and ESAD’s Cinema Courses. She collaborated with several artists in the performance area, creating contents and video installations.

In 2008 she co-founded the Cinema Production Company TERRATREME Films where she develops her work alongside with directing, producing and monitoring projects.


Varan's films


Direction, Image

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Écriture et réalisation


fiction, Portugal, 2016, 33'



documentaire, Portugal (projet en cours)


série de fiction, Portugal, 2017

The City and the Sun

fiction, Portugal, 2012, 18'

Latter-Day Saints

documentaire, Portugal, 2009, 58'

#Writing and directing :
"September", fiction, Portugal, 2016, 33'

#Directing :
"Fox", documentary, Portugal (ongoing project)
"Cidade", fiction series, Portugal, 2017
"The City and the Sun", fiction, Portugal, 2012, 18'
"Latter-Day Saints", documentary, Portugal, 2009, 58'

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