Lo Pastre

Lo Pastre

  • Directed by Greta Lösch
  • France, 2017
  • Master 2 Degree "documentary filmmaking with Varan" - Lasalle
  • Culture & Tradition, Nature & Environment, Rurality
  • Shooting place : Lasalle
  • Duration : 32 min
  • Audio : French
  • Subtitles : Italian, German, English


Florent, a young shepherd is perpetuating the pastoral traditions of the Cevennes region. During the transhumance, he leads his flocks through the pastures but the grass is increasingly scarce.

  • Direction : Greta Lösch
  • Sound : tous les stagiaires
  • Edition : Aurélie Ricard

Rewards, festivals and diffusions

Bozcaada International of Ecological Documentary

  • Place : Bozcaada, Turkey
  • Date : 2018

Fête de la Châtaigne

  • Place : Lasalle, France
  • Date : 2018

Festival CinemAmbiente

  • Place : Avezzanoo, Italy
  • Date : 2019

Lasalle International Documentary Festival

  • Place : Lasalle, France
  • Date : 2018

L'oeil sur le monde

  • Place : Montlaur, France
  • Date : 2018

Paul va au cinéma

  • Place : Montpellier, France
  • Date : 2018

About : Master 2 Degree "documentary filmmaking with Varan"

This full-immersion workshop welcomes all those with a first experience of documentary filmmaking wishing to perfect their directing skills or on the lookout for a career shift. All the steps of documentary filmmaking are reviewed, from initial conception to editing (assisted by professional editors) to the moral, intellectual and aesthetical issues brought up through the act of filming.

Organised by the Paul-Valéry University of Montpellier, Occitanie region and the Lasalle-en-Cévennes film Festival.

Master 2 Degree "documentary filmmaking with Varan"

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