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Hamed Alizadeh

Hamed Alizadeh

Director and producer


Afghan Director and producer

Hamed Alizadeh is an Afghan producer and director interested in social issues in his country. Ateliers Varan has trained him in directing documentaries between 2009 and 2011. Before 2009, he worked on short fictions and documentaries, as screenwriter, director or editor. His film "Check Point" was selected in famous film festivals, as Visions du Réel in Nyon, Switzerland.


Varan's films

Check point

Direction, Image

Voir la fiche du film

Kabul, mission impossible


Voir la fiche du film

Écriture et réalisation


fiction, Afghanistan, 2009, 21'

Réalisation et montage

A Time Called Oldness

documentaire, Afghanistan, 2010, 23'

Another way

fiction, Afghanistan, 2007, 5'


Afghan Business Woman

documentaire, Afghanistan, 2011, 22'

Les Chiens - Sag Hâ

documentaire, Afghanistan, 2010, 79'


A Man from the First Afghan Parliament

de Ali Mohammadi, documentaire, Afghanistan, 2010

I am a Patient

de Masuma Yusufi, documentaire, Afghanistan, 2010, 18'

Carpet Drugged

de Qasim Hussaini, documentaire, Afghanistan, 2010, 16'

Dream of Parwaz

de Mehdi Zafari, documentaire, Afghanistan, 2010, 37'

Birds Without Sky

de Esmatullah Zafari, fiction, Afghanistan, 2010, 22'

Young Leaders of Afghanistan

de Mehdi Zafari, documentaire, Afghanistan, 2009, 38'


de Abdullateef Musawi, fiction, Afghanistan, 2009,13'

Open your eyes

de Hizbullah Hashimi, fiction, Afghanistan, 2008, 12'


de Nawroz Ali Haghjoo, fiction, Afghanistan, 2008, 16'

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